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Transfer Window
Transfer Window is a permit granted to a holder of Retirement Savings Account to be able to transfer contributions from current Pension Fund Administrator to another through the RSA Transfer System (RTS) which is a robust electronic platform that would enable seamless RSA transfers.
The transfer of the Retirement Savings Account can only be made once in a year.
The Retirement Savings Account Transfer can be made only when the data recapture has been done with your current Pension Fund Administrator (PFA)
Kindly note the following;
1. You can now transfer your Retirement Savings Account
2. PFA must transfer the Retirement Savings Account upon request by the client
3. Transfer can be done once in a year
4. You are now in control of your Retirement Savings Account
5. You can get a better return from your investment with First Guarantee Pension Limited.

Additional Voluntary Contributions
This is an Additional Pension Contribution other than the mandatory pension contributions. This is deducted from the monthly salary from your employer and paid into your Retirement Savings Account with First Guarantee Pension Limited. It is paid side by side the mandatory pension contributions just tax computation is applied on your monthly emolument.
The Pension Reform Act (PRA) 2014 allows employees to make, Voluntary Contributions into their Retirement Savings Account (RSA), in addition to their mandatory pension contributions, with the sole aim of enhancing their retirement benefits.
AVC gives the contributors the advantage of tax incentives and reduces the burden of tax liability while ensuring a better future.

Retirement Savings Account
A Retirement Savings Account (RSA) is a mandatory Retirement Plan that is required under the Pensions Reform Act 2014. This account is contributory in nature because, employers and employees are required to contribute accordingly. While the employer is required to contribute 10% of the total monthly emolument, the employee is to contribute 8% of the total monthly emolument into the Retirement Savings Accounts.

Micro Pension
Micro Pension is a product targeted at workers in the informal sector of the economy. Though designed for long term savings, it is hybrid between the Pension scheme and Savings.
At First Guarantee Pension Limited, we are set out to ensure you have accumulated savings over a long period of time towards your retirement.

Programmed Withdrawal
A programmed withdrawal is a form of retirement payment that is paid to retirees as a retirement benefit. The payment is periodic in nature throughout the life of a retiree.
Programmed Withdrawal is specified by the PRA 2014. It is a product offered by PFA in which a retiree is paid periodically till death. At death, the residual balance in the Retirement Savings Account of the Retiree us bequeathed to beneficiary(s) if the deceased.

Retirement Advisory
At First Guarantee Pension Limited, we ensure timely, customer interactions, retirement engagements and forums are organized to give adequate preparation to holders of Retirement Savings Accounts with FGPL to make sure they have a better future.

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