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Benefits of a retirement account

At first guarantee pension limited, when we talk about having in place a retirement plan and how better the future can become, we also show you some of the benefits embedded in it.
1. A better future- When you have a retirement plan and open a Retirement Savings Account with First Guarantee Pension Limited, you are guaranteed a better future.
2. There is a growth on your investment- Given our expertise at First Guarantee Pension Limited, you are assured of a consistent growth on your principal contributions. Compounding interest over time allows your contributions to grow to a significant balance at retirement.
3. You can control your worth at retirement-By setting aside a portion of your salary into your Retirement Savings Account with First Guarantee Pension Limited through Voluntary Contributions, you have a power to determine your worth when you retire.
4. Access to a portion of your pension contribution- When you lose your source of income and are out of job for a period of 4 months, you can access 25% of your total contributions. This can keep you above the water pending when you secure another opportunity.
5. Tax is reduced- Employee contributions can reduce current taxable income. More money into your future, less money to tax.
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